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After talking about how the schools were upset that they had to spend more money to buy better meet to serve to the kids I wondered what the schools were actually feeding the students. While looking through blogs I found this . In an effort to lowering the rates of childhood obesity the Obama administration is attempting to raise the bar on food served in schools. For the first time in thirty years the government has decided to raise the funding for schools in order to obtain healthy food for the children at the schools. There has been an increase of veggies and fruits and a decrease in fatty milks, for example whole milk has been replaced with skim milk and 1% milk. Also portion sizes will be determined by the age of the students, this will limit the amount of their calorie intake. I thought this was a good idea. What I do not like about this article is that it took childhood obesity to rise to a level that is outlandish for the government to give the schools more funding for healthy food. Shouldn’t the well-being of all children be one of our first priorities?

While skimming through some blogs I thought I would read something that might be a bit of a light read. So I found an article about Paula Deen At first while reading this I felt that people should just leave her alone, if she wants to eat a burger that’s her own prerogative. If she doesn’t take this diabetes thing seriously then it is her fault. But then I realized that had a point. She is a role model for millions of viewers that cling to the Food Network station. Myself being one of them. If she doesn’t eat healthy and take care of her self what example is she setting for her followers. What I found funny was that I had heard that her son Bobbie is going to have a TV show called not my mammas dishes or something creative like that. He is actually taking the responsibility of helping the millions of viewers who would make Paulas meals and who have possibly become unhealthy because of it. I hope that Paula learns and hopefully eats his food and sets an example for all her fans.


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I am a student at Susquehanna University. I am a Psychology Major with the possibility of a minor in Sociology. :)
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