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In a article about sugar I found some very interesting thoughts on sugar. I knew an over amount of sugar consumption is not good for anyone’s health or weight and is one of the leading causes for obesity. I do not agree with some of the regulations they think would possibly limit the amount of sugar consumed. They compare sugar with tobacco and alcohol, I do not see the resemblance. They are trying to make an argument but are taking it a bit to far. The believe that some of the policies that have helped control tobacco and alcohol will be helpful in controlling the amount of sugar bought and consumed. Things like bans from school, license requirement, and age requirement. Don’t you think that it taking it a little to far. Limit the amount of sugar aloud in schools and in food products and I think that will be sufficient.

In an article about meat and the bacteria living in or on the meat I learned that someone actually thought electrocution was a solution for this problem. This is supposed to limit the amount of E. Coli in meat by two logs. I am not sure what two logs is in a measurement but I do know it is not enough to meet FDA standards, they require five logs. But by hitting the meat with an electric current on the surface of the meat doesn’t hit the main areas for some bacteria. The bacteria on the surface of the meat can be killed by cooking the meat properly but the inside of the hamburger for example is the real problem. So this idea though innovative is not very effective. Maybe is we have sanitary meat processing plants we wouldn’t have to worry about bacteria. Just a thought.


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I am a student at Susquehanna University. I am a Psychology Major with the possibility of a minor in Sociology. :)
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