While skimming through the blogs of Bittman I came across a blog about twinkies, I, myself have never eaten a twinkie in my life. Bittman said that twinkies just arn’t what they were back in the day. He is completly right, we grew up on keebler elves, fruit roll ups, gushers, and snacks like that. I wouldn’t know Twinkie the Kid if you put him directly in front of my face. He is not my generation. When I want a treat out the boxed pastry kind I go for a box of Tasty Cakes. Now Tasty cakes aren’t twinkies compition by far becuase they are only found in this area but for me thats what I always go for. Today there are so many different varieties to choose from. My step brother loves zebra cakes and everything little debbie and that I think is the problem. So many varieties and no one really understanding the history behind a twinkie. I found it funny that when people found out that there weren’t going to be anymore twinkies they all ran out and bought some. I think you’re a little late people.


About jenkinsb

I am a student at Susquehanna University. I am a Psychology Major with the possibility of a minor in Sociology. :)
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