Ewwwwww Fast Food

With each passing week it is easier and easier to not eat certain kinds of meat. My room mate and some of the other girls in my dorm are obsessed with Shamrock shakes from McDonalds so they made me tag along to go and get them. I am disgusted with anything fast food. They ordered chicken fingers and burgers and everything that made me sick to my stomach. I was telling them all the horrible things they were eating and they basically wrote me off and didn’t listen to me until my room-mate Laura bit into one of her chicken nuggets and hit something hard and it crunched. I thought she was going to throw up, I turned and looked to her to say I told you so and before the words could come out of my mouth she said don’t even say it. I just laughed and simultaneously everyone put their food down and lost their appetite. I just chuckled and ate my mcflurry. At the moment I am sitting with my family eating a piece of pizza and watching one of my best friends eat burger king. He doesn’t care about everything that I told him he actually learned it all himself. He just keeps eating away it almost makes me sick to my stomach but I am hungry so I will finish my pizza. 🙂


About jenkinsb

I am a student at Susquehanna University. I am a Psychology Major with the possibility of a minor in Sociology. :)
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