Junk Food….

In an article on how the first amendment should protect the marketing of junk food for kids, http://www.foodpolitics.com/2012/02/should-the-first-amendment-protect-the-marketing-of-junk-foods-to-kids/ I learned that this is actually a good idea. Childhood obesity crisis has prompted called for government to curb the marketing of unhealthy foods to children, The entertainment industry has shaped the advertisements of their junk foods towards kids because if a kid sees something that looks fun and yummy they want it and then their parents by it for them or they throw a fit. I know I have been there. When I wanted something to snack on I wanted junk not fruit and veggies. So we went and we got cookies or we got chips (chips were my weakness) middlewarth BBQ chips yuuummmmmm! But this is the reason kids today are becoming over weight because they only want junk food and parents give it to them. I don’t think it is only the advertisers fault I also think it is the parents fault and this is why the article states that if the children are younger than the age of 12 it doesn’t apply to them because they don’t understand. I agree with this parents are really to blame in this situation for obesity. I have a half-sister and she goes with my dad every other weekend. He doesn’t make her eat real food. I think he gives her whatever she wants because he doesn’t get to see her all the time. But this is effecting her weight but I wouldn’t ever be able to tell my dad that he is making my little sister chubby because I love her no matter what but I know it frustrates her mother. But that is just an example of why I think parents are to blame when it comes to childhood obesity not as much the advertising of the younger children. I think it affects the teenagers of the world but not the younger kids who don’t understand so regulating the advertisements to a point would be a great idea.


About jenkinsb

I am a student at Susquehanna University. I am a Psychology Major with the possibility of a minor in Sociology. :)
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