Gestastion Crates

During the Grammy awards a video was played for the advertisement of Chipotle Mexican Grill it is a cute concept video. This video is said to have immediate effects. President of the Missouri Farm Bureau noted that the day after the video ran McDonalds announced that their pork suppliers must stop using gestation crates. This might of made no difference because they did not say by when those gestation crates need to be gone. After that Bon Appetit management company announced a animal welfare policy to be rid of all gestation crates by 2015. People try to defend the crates saying that it helps to control the amount of feed pregnant sows eat. Because when aggressive sows are grouped together they eat to much and the none aggressive ones eat to little. One man also says that the other ways to keep pigs is to expensive and dangerous for the pigs. Are you kidding me? Keeping them in crates is safer for them? I don’t think so. Paul Willis has a hog farm were his sows are free ranged. They are kept in fields with electric fence keeping them in. They play in the mud with each other, they don’t fight, and they don’t kill their piglets. This is the safer way for pigs. The other way is laziness and not wanting to spend more money to train workers and have better areas for pigs. I can’t believe that it took a clip at the Grammy’s to get the attention that it deserved years ago.


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I am a student at Susquehanna University. I am a Psychology Major with the possibility of a minor in Sociology. :)
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