boring old food…..

This week has been just like the rest. I am getting really tired of the food here on campus. I never eat in the cafe cause the food is disgusting, I always eat at clydes, bennys, or the periodic table…. and there aren’t many healthy options or anything that I will eat. I have become extremely picky when it comes to food. I drive my family nuts on the weekends. Instead of my mom making food for her and my step brother and sister, she makes a different meal for my step dad, and then she makes another dinner for me. We drive her nuts. But I think it is my right as a daughter. She doesn’t feel the same way. Regardless I am really happy to go home this weekend I am ready for some yummy and different food. Since I am catholic and it is lent I can’t eat meat on Fridays(not that I would anyway) but this means the rest of my family can’t either and now they will eat what I eat everyday. So maybe I will make dinner tonight. Maybe some sautéed veggies and some pasta sounds yummy to me. I am in the mood to experiment. Who knows maybe I will come up with something delicious!


About jenkinsb

I am a student at Susquehanna University. I am a Psychology Major with the possibility of a minor in Sociology. :)
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