This week I went home for dinner one night because my step sister needed help with her homework that none of my family understood. Thank god I only go to school 15 minutes away from home. What would they do without me. I arrived home and helped Alexis with her homework and then it was time for dinner. Now my mom knows that I have been avoiding red meat at all costs, so I believe she purposely didn’t make something else for me like she normally does. She had made steak, now steak used to be one of my favorite foods, but lately I don’t like the sight of it. But I had a few bites because I was hungry, each bite made me feel bad and I eventually was no longer hungry. When I got back to school I did not feel very well and got sick. I blame the steak. I called my mom and everyone else felt fine. I believe that because I have not eaten red meat for well since class started that my body rejected it. Needless to say I will not be eating red meat for a very long time or maybe forever.

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ways to fix unhealthy diets

In an article called U.N. Special Rapporteur: Five ways to fix unhealthy diets it talks about five recommendations for fixing diets and food systems.

1. Tax unhealthy products

2. Regulate foods high in saturated fats, salts and sugar

3. Crack down on junk food advertising

4. Overhaul misguided agricultural subsides that make certain ingredients cheaper than others

5. Support local food production so that consumers have access to healthy, fresh and nutritious foods

This things sound like a great idea. But will they actually happen, that I am not so sure about. If these things go into effect I think it would take a couple of years.

Taxing unhealthy products may be a bit much, but it might or should I say probably will stop people from buying junk food. Regulations of fats, sugars and salt would be a really good idea. I think that may be one of the best ones that I have heard. There is no need for some foods to have the ridiculous amounts of salts, sugars, or fats. No need it just makes them “taste better” who knows what it would taste like if you took some of that stuff out. But it is worth the try. Advertising of junk food needs to be cut back in every way shape or form. It really appeals to children and that’s why future generations will continue to be obese. The support of local food production should be strongly supported it is a great way to help local businesses and to keep people healthy, it also makes healthier food cheaper because it isn’t being processed and going to super markets. I really like this article. It makes some good points.

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food food food

I would have to say that I have been doing decently well with my eating healthy. Over break I ate a lot of salads and fruits and veggies, no red meat what so ever, only chicken. My family thinks I am nuts and the don’t understand it. Over break we had lots of family dinners were my whole family attended. When I sat around only eating my mimis baked beans, fruit salad, tuna salad, and fish. I don’t mind eating chicken and fish. I haven’t seen anything about the way fish are treated so I haven’t stopped eating it yet. My family is full of meat eaters and my uncle should have been a chef but he became a teacher so he could have the summers off to golf. He made a couple new meat dishes which was very tempting to taste but I refrained myself and just ate his hot wing dip, it’s very addicting. I got picked on a little but then I told them why I haven’t been eating certain meats and then they thought about it for a couple of minutes and then went right back into chowing down on their burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. I tried to tell them about bacon and processed meats but they wanted nothing to do with it. So I let them continue to eat it. I am not going to stop trying to convert some of them. I might always fail but at least I try. 🙂

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Gestastion Crates

During the Grammy awards a video was played for the advertisement of Chipotle Mexican Grill it is a cute concept video. This video is said to have immediate effects. President of the Missouri Farm Bureau noted that the day after the video ran McDonalds announced that their pork suppliers must stop using gestation crates. This might of made no difference because they did not say by when those gestation crates need to be gone. After that Bon Appetit management company announced a animal welfare policy to be rid of all gestation crates by 2015. People try to defend the crates saying that it helps to control the amount of feed pregnant sows eat. Because when aggressive sows are grouped together they eat to much and the none aggressive ones eat to little. One man also says that the other ways to keep pigs is to expensive and dangerous for the pigs. Are you kidding me? Keeping them in crates is safer for them? I don’t think so. Paul Willis has a hog farm were his sows are free ranged. They are kept in fields with electric fence keeping them in. They play in the mud with each other, they don’t fight, and they don’t kill their piglets. This is the safer way for pigs. The other way is laziness and not wanting to spend more money to train workers and have better areas for pigs. I can’t believe that it took a clip at the Grammy’s to get the attention that it deserved years ago.

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I broke down :(

I have been extremely good with not eating meat other than chicken. But I broke down I ate at clydes and I got a burrito with taco beef in it. It did not agree with me at all. normally when I go to clydes I get a cheese quesidilla and that is okay but the fact that I actually ate beef for the first time in weeks is what did me in. At least that’s what I tell myself, and that will make me go weeks without eating it again. This weekend I am going to Pittsburgh and we were going to go to Pramanti brothers for a sandwich since we have never been there before and it is supposed to be amazing. I am really debating if I am going to break down again or not. It is a tough choice. We are also going to one of my favorite places to eat of all time. The Church brew works here I do not have to worry about eating meat because they have the best pizza in the world! I always get their perogie pizza it is to die for.


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Junk Food….

In an article on how the first amendment should protect the marketing of junk food for kids, I learned that this is actually a good idea. Childhood obesity crisis has prompted called for government to curb the marketing of unhealthy foods to children, The entertainment industry has shaped the advertisements of their junk foods towards kids because if a kid sees something that looks fun and yummy they want it and then their parents by it for them or they throw a fit. I know I have been there. When I wanted something to snack on I wanted junk not fruit and veggies. So we went and we got cookies or we got chips (chips were my weakness) middlewarth BBQ chips yuuummmmmm! But this is the reason kids today are becoming over weight because they only want junk food and parents give it to them. I don’t think it is only the advertisers fault I also think it is the parents fault and this is why the article states that if the children are younger than the age of 12 it doesn’t apply to them because they don’t understand. I agree with this parents are really to blame in this situation for obesity. I have a half-sister and she goes with my dad every other weekend. He doesn’t make her eat real food. I think he gives her whatever she wants because he doesn’t get to see her all the time. But this is effecting her weight but I wouldn’t ever be able to tell my dad that he is making my little sister chubby because I love her no matter what but I know it frustrates her mother. But that is just an example of why I think parents are to blame when it comes to childhood obesity not as much the advertising of the younger children. I think it affects the teenagers of the world but not the younger kids who don’t understand so regulating the advertisements to a point would be a great idea.

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Ewwwwww Fast Food

With each passing week it is easier and easier to not eat certain kinds of meat. My room mate and some of the other girls in my dorm are obsessed with Shamrock shakes from McDonalds so they made me tag along to go and get them. I am disgusted with anything fast food. They ordered chicken fingers and burgers and everything that made me sick to my stomach. I was telling them all the horrible things they were eating and they basically wrote me off and didn’t listen to me until my room-mate Laura bit into one of her chicken nuggets and hit something hard and it crunched. I thought she was going to throw up, I turned and looked to her to say I told you so and before the words could come out of my mouth she said don’t even say it. I just laughed and simultaneously everyone put their food down and lost their appetite. I just chuckled and ate my mcflurry. At the moment I am sitting with my family eating a piece of pizza and watching one of my best friends eat burger king. He doesn’t care about everything that I told him he actually learned it all himself. He just keeps eating away it almost makes me sick to my stomach but I am hungry so I will finish my pizza. 🙂

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